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Cleaning Supplies

Your health & safety is important to us.

We've developed new standards to help protect and keep everyone safe.

Staff health & safety training

Wine & Dine regularly communicates with our staff to ensure they are educated on COVID-19 prevention and take every precaution to remain healthy and safe. This includes ensuring our teams follow CDC recommended guidelines, social distancing protocols and understand when they should stay home if they are stick or a member of their family is sick.

We have also partnered with Dr. William Yates to bring his full line of Certified Coronavirus Protection Products to you! Everything from facial recognition temperature detection to personal protective equipment. Click here to get a FREE Quote.


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Recommendations we can all take to curb the spread of Coronavirus 

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Maintain physical distance 

Ensure the work environment allows staff to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet or more when working together.


Use masks and other personal protection supplies

Provide hired staff with COVID-19 prevention supplies such as hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, tissues, trash baskets, face masks or coverings , and cleaners/disinfectants.

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Disinfect common areas

For frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, elevator buttons) and high-traffic areas, it is recommended they are disinfected regularly.

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Take care of yourself and your staff

We are in this together! Provide clear direction and instructions to your staff upon arrival to ensure they are clear on any particular precautions you would like them to take.

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