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No Words Are Enough

March 2021

I dedicate this months partner post to all the women in our lives. Mothers, wifes, daughters, sisters. I'm sure we all agree women play a major part in ours lives at so many levels. We at WDH want express our utmost appreciation to all our women employees in the office and in the field. Always going the extra mile for WDH. THANK YOU

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Finally... Trained Temp Staff

February 2021

Every company says it. We actually do it. For both FOH & BOH we spend the time needed before sending our staff to you. 


Welcome 2021

January 2021

If you're like me you were never happier to see a year ending and a new year beginning. Now that we have the vaccine and this crazy political circus is over hopefully our society, economy and our industry can get back to work.


Happy Holidays

December 2020

Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.

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Home Stretch 2020

November 2020

Well we are in November and have officially hit the home stretch for this year. This is the prefect time when sitting down with family and friends to start thinking about next year and what you want to change for the better. Whether it be life changes, health or business. 


Tricks and Treats

October 2020

Yes it’s here, Q4 beginning and the November vote right around the corner. We all hope for some major changes after that or at least another round of government help. If neither happen you will need a trick or two to stay in business.


A Common Sense Industry

September 2020

The so called "end of the summer" is here. With the last big holiday weekend passing and 7 months into this pandemic hope is on the horizon.


All Clients Matter

August 2020

This has been part our mission since day one. With the end of the summer nearing, and now in August after six months of this pandemic, we have all missed major events this summer.


New Normal, New Rates

July 2020

As you all know this July 1st. in Illinois is our state mandated minimum wage increase. We want you to remember you do have choices. We believe our bill rates our the lowest in the industry while still suppling you with professionally trained on-call staff that will save you money. Don’t short staff yourself in this re-opening that will end up costing you customers in the long run. All options are available to you. From 4hr. Minimum shifts to Temp to Perm. We have an enormous database of skill staff ready to go.


To Current & Future Partners

June 2020

With our city in an uproar and the hospitality industry at an all time low, we need to keep the faith and remember that "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Our industry will be back....


Phase 1 Right Around The Corner

May 2020

WOW...If I hear COVID-19 again I’m gonna chop both my ears off. I’m sure you all feel the same way. No need for drastic actions just yet. Phase 1 will be implemented soon, as the rest of our country's opening strategy will follow.


Finally... Trained Temp Staff

March 2020

Every company says it... we actually do it... Both FOH & BOH we spend the time giving the proper training needed in all positions before sending our staff to you.


Time to Plan Ahead

February 2020

Hello all Grinders. That’s what I call all of us in the hospitality industry. GRINDERS… Early mornings, late nights, holidays we're all there making it happen. That fast January is gone and February is here. Be ready and give yourself options this year.


2020 is Here!

January 2020

Our thanks to all! As we look to the New Year we like to reflect on our past 12 months - the good and the bad. It's also a time to give THANKS to our clients, partners and employees who support Wine & Dine Hospitality throughout the year.

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